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Walnut Collection

Our walnut kitchen collection brings beautifully sculpted and finished designs to your kitchen. Our design team works together closely with our customers to produce only the most immaculate handmade kitchens.

The deep, rich chocolate tones of the walnut contrast wonderfully with our ergonomically sculpted chrome handles to produce an impressively refreshing mix of styles for your new kitchen design.

Carefully Crafted Units For Your Dream Walnut Kitchen

Years of work has gone into developing our vast range of specially designed units for our walnut kitchen collection. Innovative ideas from our design team help us to consistently deliver unique pieces such as our sweeping, curved units and circular island pieces.

We also produce signature cabinets containing slabs of solid walnut, which we can install with a recessed plinth line below the cabinet in conjunction with a reflective finish to give the impression that the cupboards are floating. The slick drawer lines on the cabinets blend wonderfully with shimmering chrome handles to add a real class and professionalism to all our walnut kitchen designs.

Pieces of gloriously finished open shelving can also be incorporated into the design to showcase your luxury items.

The walnut collection can help give an expertly modern feel, but we can also marry that with a traditional accent. It really all depends on how you see your final vision for your new kitchen.

With everything else in place in your kitchen design, we understand the importance of the finishing touch. We can provide differing finishes to your new walnut kitchen so that sections of the design stand out in a way that’s best for you. Whether you require a duller, subtle edge to the finish of the wood, or a strikingly glossy one, we will strive to ensure we meet your dream kitchen design needs. We want our individually made units to stand out in the way that you want them to within your kitchen design.

If there are sections of beautiful stonework or impressive beams already in place in the kitchen of your home we can make these features stand out within a new kitchen design.

We will simply look to meet any requirements that you may have for your perfect kitchen design, and with our years of experience we are confident in the knowledge that the newly designed room we deliver together, through a combination of our expertise and your vision, will leave you feeling only the utmost satisfaction.