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Office, study and media room solutions
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At Traditional Furniture Manufacturing Ltd we put a great deal of thought into the bespoke offices, studies and media rooms that we design. We understand that these rooms must be unobtrusive, functional and comfortable whilst providing a level confident tranquillity and style that meets your expectations.

We achieve this balance through; bespoke design expertise, quality of materials and the skill of our craftsmen.

Whether it’s a home based office for your every day business, a place to escape and indulge a hobby, your own space to play your favourite movie or music or somewhere less formal to help the children with their home work … whatever your requirement … all is possible at Traditional Furniture Manufacturing Ltd.

With all the beautiful bespoke rooms we are commissioned with, our guiding principal is to deliver beyond your expectations – right down to the finest detail.

At the outset, our design expert will meet with you to discuss your requirements and offer invaluable suggestions as to how we can help you achieve them. Once we have an understanding of this we will design your room to the level of style and functionality agreed.

We will ensure all the requirements of a modern office are accommodated so that you’re fully connected, to all your equipment inline with your personal working preferences. As a matter of course, storage solutions for your books, papers and other resources will be innovative, stylish and accessible, making full use of every corner and all available space.

The result will be a beautiful unique room designed to your individual needs and conducive to as many productive hours of work or study as you desire.

For more information on our stylish and practical range of bespoke office, study and media room – please call Kieron on 0114 285 2760 or email: kieron.eyre@traditional-furniture.co.uk