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Oak Shaker Collection

For centuries, fine English furniture has been crafted from oak, for the immense strength and the crispness it retains when carved. These qualities are still prized by Traditional Furniture Manufacturing Ltd and are ideally suited to its Oak kitchen furniture collections.

We take the utmost care and attention to help make sure that we continue to make our oak shaker collection in the traditions of fine English furniture.

We use only the finest quality European Oak, as its unique grain is of key importance to the aesthetically pleasing, immensely durable designs that we produce. The particular brand of oak that we use retains its crispness when carved, ensuring a remarkably pleasing finish to our oak units. The strength of the material is striking, and it’s essential to us in providing the best quality units possible to you.

Individually Treated Oak

European oak can change its appearance, depending on how it is finished. A clear lacquer, for instance, makes the oak a warm and natural honey colour, a medium stain gives a rich mellow tone, while deepest ebony gives the wood a Jacobean quality.

However you best see our oak shaker collection fitting into your ideal kitchen design, we will ensure that we enable it to happen. We can create individual pieces for your new kitchen that will help bring to life your vision for your new bespoke kitchen.

Cabinets, drawers, tables and surfaces can all be individually stained and tailored to be best incorporated into any range of designs. Our design team can help you every step of the way to ensure that your perfect oak shaker collection kitchen becomes a reality.

Here at Traditional Furniture Manufacturing Ltd, we can enable a more contemporary feel to be added to more traditional woods. Being able to add a whole range of finishes to our European Oak gives us the means to assure our customers that we can produce a great variety of designs to match their unique specifications. Visions of both contemporary and more traditional kitchens can be brought to fruition.

The oak units you bring into your kitchen design can be matched however you wish them to be with the other surfaces in the kitchen. Tiles, brickwork and wooden beams can be incorporated into your new kitchen design, or similarly to with our hand painted collection, a whole range of colour can be brought in to compliment the rest of the design.

We will work to match your specifications every step of the way, and whilst we love to offer our customers as much advice as possible through our many years of experience, we are every bit as eager for your input. We want your new kitchen to be focused around you, and we will do everything possible to ensure that your visions and ideas for your new kitchen take centre stage.