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Hand Painted Collection

Care, attention and immaculate finishes are all vital components of our aesthetically stunning hand painted bespoke kitchens.

You will work closely with our design team safe in the assurance that the ambitions you have for your perfect kitchen can be expertly matched to the specifications you desire. The ideas and needs of our customers form the basis of our extensive range of kitchens.

Colours and styles to make your hand painted kitchen just perfect

Colour, whether a subtle ivory or vibrant crimson, brings life to kitchens. All of our  kitchens can be painted, whether in part or in their entirety and in an infinite variety of shades and hues.

We use our many years of industry knowledge to help match your desired style to an infinite range of colour. Golden brown, vibrant cyan or crisp cream, we will work with you to individually tailor colour to best match your desired dream kitchen.

Our many years of experience in the industry have helped us to match a great variety of materials to different paint styles and finishes. As a result we know just how to make the features you are most proud of stand out through careful colour placement around your kitchen.

We also specialise in German Contemporary Kitchens, and if you wish to bring a more modern, slickly stylized feel to your kitchen we can help you to achieve this. Similarly, we can help you formulate a more retro themed room, or any other style you wish to match for your kitchen. Whatever the idea you have for your kitchen, we can help you turn even the smallest threads of ideas into reality, right through to the immaculately finished end result.

Simple furniture …beautifully made

The passion and care taken by our design team in their work guarantees unrivalled quality in the finish of your kitchen, right down to the last detail. We only use the highest quality of paints and materials on offer to ensure your bespoke kitchen is given the beautifully hand painted finish that you expect. We aim to provide affordable luxury with that special handmade feel, to really bring out the uniqueness of all the design ideas that our customers bring to us.